Certain internet users can be hesitant to communicate their personal data and credit card number on the internet for fear of fraud.
Logically, companies specialized in information technology have recognizes this problem and developed security systems that guarantee the transfer of personal data in a fully confidential manner.
Today, the SSL system (Secure Lock System) is the most popular in online companies due to its efficiency and its guarantee of confidentiality. With this system, the transmission of confidential information from your computer to our server is done in a completely codified manner during the whole purchasing process. In this way, we avoid the risk that anybody can access your personal data for any fraudulent or inappropriate use.
We recommend that you communicate your credit card information to us in complete security because the purchasing process will be faster and more practical for the reasons cited below:
1. You do not need to go to the bank to make a transfer
2. The shipping of your order is faster because we do not need to way for a proof of payment through fax
3. The reimbursements on credit cards are faster and more practical, because we avoid transfers that can imply extra fees. In case of reimbursements or exchanges, the emissary bank of the credit card account can control the whole purchasing process and demand that the company respect all its obligations towards the customer. The bank in this case acts like a support for the customer.
You can also make your payments with your credit card by sending us your number by fax. Of course if your do not wish to communicate your credit card information, you can always pay with a bank transfer as indicated in more details in the section “Payment methods”.
The other option possible is to use a link to a secure connection that can be found in our section “Contact Us”. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT SEND ANY PRIVATE INFORMATION FROM YOUR PERSONAL E-MAIL AS WE CANNOT PROTECT THE ACCESS FROM THIRD PARTIES TO THIS DATA.