Canadian tents

Below we present our catalog of Canadian stores. We have an extensive catalog of Canadian tents, both cotton and nylon. These types of stores are the best known for their triangular shape. Designed for camping and hiking can be used for a wide range of situations such as camping, camps, … They are very appreciated by families and boy scouts for their characteristic form and amplitid. If you want to buy Canadian stores in Deacampada we offer you the following ones on offer-.

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The Canadian tents are the most classic. Although the most commonly used are those that have the form of igloo, these types of stores are very characteristic for their triangular shape. They are easy to assemble. However, unlike other types of stores, they are heavier, so they are not very thought for getaways with many stops, and yes they are more indicated when you are going to stay in the same place for a few days.

The ceiling of Canadian stores can usually be of two types of materials: either cotton or nylon. The priomero is softer and more breathable. The second is characterized by greater resistance. As a rule, this type of store has a crossbar in its outer centar zone that goes face to face. This prevents the store from falling down.

These types of stores usually only have a single entrance. At the main entrance, in the central area there is a parante, which is part of the structure of the Canadian store. It is also on the other side. The shutters are made of steel, which makes these tents heavier.

Canadian stores are usually spacious inside, although in the area of ​​the extremes the height is very limited. There are all kinds of tents, from a few places to many.