2 season tents

2 seasons tents are available in DeAcampada at incredible prices so you can enjoy your vacation in the middle of nature and have fun. Who does not have memories of their first excursions in the mountains and this feeling of adventure and freedom? Since then, the camping equipment has improved a lot, to give you more comfort. The tents are made with lighter and stronger materials to protect you from heat and humidity, as well as being very easy to assemble.

A 2 season tent is recommended for spring and summer. The materials allow optimal insulation and good ventilation for air circulation. The tents 2 seasons for 2 people are ideal to travel with your partner in the mountains and sleep in the middle of nature wherever you want. We also provide tents for 2 or more people, which offer more space for families or groups of people traveling together. Discover more information about its components, measurements and manufacturing fabrics in the corresponding product sheets.